Beano MojoHand

Ernie Ocampo, AKA “Beano,” raised in Lynwood California, fell in love with music
at the tender age of 6, influenced by rock and blues. At the age of 13, Ernie was
visiting Las Vegas, NV, and decided to pick up the guitar and strum along to pop
songs that were being played and hasn’t put his guitar down since. Growing up in
Lynwood as a foster child, had its good and bad moments, but these negative
moments have driven him to focus on what drives his heart and soul to climb the
mountain of music success. Beano’s dedication, desire, discipline, drive,
determination, attitude and ability paved his path to play and write blues music. At
such a young age, Beano has been influenced by the greats in Blues: Stevie Ray
Vaughn, Johnny Winter, Freddy King, B.B. King, Carlos Santana, Peter Green of
Fleetwood Mac, Albert King & the Blues Breakers, and most of all John Mayall
with Eric Clapton’s album known as “The Beano Album” which in fact sealed the
deal to guide Ernie’s musical future: the Blues! Ernie has formed LA’s hottest new
blues/rock band, Beano Mojohand. Beano was discovered by mentor Juanito
Ibarra on a bench while competing at a guitar competition in 2018. Since then,
Beano has started the band within 2018, under the tutelage of Juanito Ibarra
through the World Class Youth Foundation. Beano Mojohand has performed
with great renowned musical artist such as, Junior Watson, the talented
Christone “Kingfish” Ingram, Kirk Fletcher, Johnny Main and JR Lozano of the
band “the 44’s,” Los Faboloco’s, Kid Ramos, David Hidalgo of the Legendary
“Los Lobos” and the famous group Malo of the world renowned hit song
‘Suavecito.’ While performing at phenomenal blues venues in the Los Angeles
California area such as, the ABC in Pasadena, the PCH Golden Sails Club,
Finalist in Six String Showdown, LA Stars & Stripes Music Festival, Original
Mike’s, Malainey’s. Beano has also migrated his performance in the Arizona
venues and playing with bands such as Joe & The Hostiles, Smokestack
Lightning and performing at the World famous Char’s Has the Blues. Beano
Mojohand has gained great support from such great musical artist such as Kim
Wilson, Joe Bonamassa, Rod Piazza, Hall of Fame Arizona’s King of Blues “Big
Pete” Pearson, and recently rock n roll Hall of Famer, Bill Medley of the
Righteous Brothers who has shown his support to the growth of Beano’s future,
and we can’t forget all the fans worldwide. In August of 2019 Beano Mojohand
has teamed with artist/music engineer Chuck Alvarez in his private studio in San
Pedro, CA, where many original songs and covers were recorded and mastered.
The independent self-titled debut album, Beano Mojohand, was released in early
2020 and was written and co-produced by Beano himself alongside producer
Juanito Ibarra under their independent labels, Chorro Recordz and Mama Coco
Music Publishing LLC. Team Beano continues to support the Blues societies nationwide. Beano Mojohand has received airplay on radio stations such as The
Junkyard Blues Station hosted by Robert Eliff and the well-known Chicago Blues
Station 88.5 WNIJ hosted by the talented Chicago DJ, Dave Sawtelles. The selftitled debut album Beano Mojohand has been getting airplay throughout the
United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, and other parts of Europe due to the kick-off
interview with Gerry Casey’s “Turn-it Up” Radio show (33) in Ireland. Anyone
that recognizes Beano Mojohand are ecstatic for Beano’s talent and story and
alongside Juanito’s collaborative talents by being featured in recognized
magazines such as “Making the Scene” and “HIT Parader.” Now world-renowned
Joe Bonamassa and his nonprofit organization, Keeping the Blues Alive, have
granted Beano through Joe’s program to help keep Beano’s expression lively.
Beano’s debut album was considered for the Best Emerging album of the year
for the 2021 Blues Foundation Awards in Memphis, Tennessee. The selfwritten single “Crazy Woman” was up for Song of the Year, and “Black Magic
Woman” for Contemporary Blues Song of the Year and lastly, “As the Years Go
Passing By” for Blues Song of the Year. Beano’s latest accomplishments have
been playing the Arizona and Chicago circuit and now will finish off 2021 in
Las Vegas neveda’s legendary Blues Lounge, The SAND DOLLAR.

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