Michelle Taylor

Michelle Taylor has been a pro session player and artist for over 30 years, having worked together with various artists on international tours.

Michelle has an award winning show in which she has received a number of accolades including being inducted into the Swedish “Nostalgia Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame” in 2013.

Together with session work she continues to perform her own shows in a number of constellations.

Michelle is also a popular and respected personality in a number of online forums/groups including being admin on a number of her own Facebook groups where she shares her opinions, advice and experience with people around the world.

Michelle is well known for her unusual playing style where she plays a left handed guitar strung right handed!


Michelle has signature pedals with Flattley Guitar Pedals which were developed to suit her needs for performing live and accommodating the many styles that she plays. Michelle currently uses:

Flattley Dual Nirvana Analogue Delays

Flattley Dual Valkyrie Vintage Chorus and Tremolo

Flattley Volume Booster with Tone Control

Flattley Dual Transparent Overdrive