Oz Marshall

Oz Marshall has his own band Snake eyes, he’s the songwriter and guitar player, playing all guitars bass, and keyboards on the albums.

Oz has recorded 3 snake eyes CD’s, plus his own solo album Dark Mist, which features a music video filmed in Russia, has toured all over Canada, the UK and Europe with the band including festivals in Germany and playing on the same bill as Manowar and Ted Nugent.

Oz has made a lot of music videos for snake eyes and other bands including snake eyes eyes, also has done several TV appearences. Bands Oz has played for include Snake Eyes, Indya, Mean Machine, Hellbent.

Oz has played with Members of Judas Priest, Alice Cooper Cradle of Filth, and has Manowar guitarist David Snake guesting on the new Snake Eyes CD as well as many others. Oz has also played onstage with the Trailer Park Boys from Canada, he has a big passion for playing and collecting guitars.

Oz is endorsing Esp Guitars, Randall amps, Elixier strings and Tascam Flattley Pedals.