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When it comes to dealing out boost and EQ, the only card you might need is Flattley’s The Ace

Flatley The Ace

The latest from Flattley Guitar Pedals, the Lincolnshire, UK-based effects company, is The Ace, a clean boost/buffer with the advantage of having a Tone knob to target the boost. It features a blue halo light ring showing its engaged status and a topper on the footswitch, giving you a bit more to aim for when switching.

The Ace’s tone stack is the same as that in Flattley’s Solaris Pro fuzz and boost pedal and is designed to deliver an effectively flat sound when the knob is central, with a bass boost to the left and a treble boost to the right. The most neutral position of the Tone knob isn’t totally flat, but kicking in the pedal yields a subtle change in the midrange that seems to thicken your basic sound.

The Volume knob runs from zero so you can leave it right down and use the pedal as a kill switch if you so desire. Its unity gain point depends on the position of the Tone knob, but it’s around the 11 o’clock mark with a fairly neutral tone, leaving plenty of further knob travel to set the amount of boost that you need.

You can add a touch of treble to the boost for extra sparkle, but, equally, if you want to bolster the sound with more body you can turn it the other way. Going further, fully clockwise on the Tone knob delivers an obvious treble boost that stays musical as it’s bright but not nasal or harsh, while retaining plenty of other frequencies so you don’t feel like your whole low-end has disappeared. You can set the Volume knob accordingly if you just want a tonal change without any increase in volume.


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