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Nirvana (Analogue Delay)

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The Nirvana guitar analogue delay pedal. This pedal has a warm tone and a deep rich sound which is great for the guitar. There are four control knobs allowing you to set your perfect tone, level, delay and repeats. The Nirvana can give you up to 620ms of delay, minimum delay is approximately 50ms. The amount of feedback has been chosen to just allow the delay to go into infinite repeats to give the pedal the ability to produce spacey abstract effects as well as normal delay effects.

The purple halo light ring installed diffuses the light when playing live, avoiding being blinded by the standard LEDs just as you are about to go into that all important solo thus giving a larger area to see where the pedal is located easily on the pedal board on darkened stages. The addition of the large aluminium foot topper gives you more real estate for contact when switching the pedal on and off during quick changes when playing live.

All Flattley “Silver Range” pedals are hand processed in our Flattley paint shop. They are etch primed first to ensure that the primer bonds to the aluminium enclosure which also provides an anti-corrosive protection layer. Multiple coats of base coat primer applied, the silver base coat colour is then applied and topped off with several coats of lacquer. Once the lacquer is hardened, it is then hand polished to achieve the smooth deep lustre finish that is inherent in all Flattley Guitar and Bass effects pedals. The graphics designed in house by our graphics designer Phoebe Flattley are applied to “Silver Range” effects pedals by UV direct printing in our printing shop.

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Aditional Information

Volume: Volume of the delay effect only.

Delay: Length of delay time, minimum is 50ms and maximum is 630ms.

Repeats: Amount of delay line output fed back to the input. Minimum gives a single repeat and maximum is just enough to cause delays to run away as a special effect.

Tone: Only acts on the delayed signal.

    • The Nirvana comes in a 125B Enclosure (LxWxD): 119x64x40mm (including lid) (69 x 2.52 x 1.57 inch)
    • Standard negative centre, -9v dc tip power supply unit/power brick required
    • No internal 9v dc battery function 
    • Power consumption is 48mA when effected enabled and 20mA when in standby.
    • 15mm anodised aluminium control knobs
    • Purple halo light ring installed
    • The Star Fazer comes with a black custom etched aluminium foot topper 
    • This edition comes in silver and multi coloured graphics. 

    All our pedals are handmade, hand wired, boutique custom guitar and bass pedal effects manufactured in the UK using only the highest quality components ensuring every aspect of our pedal’s build process results in a truly outstanding product.

    Further details can be found on all our social media sites on Instagram/Facebook/LinkedIn/YouTube. Come and follow us/subscribe to see what we do.

3 reviews for Nirvana (Analogue Delay)

  1. Chris Gedge

    The ‘Nirvana’ is an absolutely amazing analogue delay pedal. I have played about with the settings and the delay reacts in such a smooth manner. The construction is solid and even though I don’t have a hydro dipped model the basic still looks stunning with my other effects. I highly recommend if you want a nice warm subtle delay (as opposed to a digital unit) this is the one to try ??????

    • Paul Flattley

      Thank you for you kind comments and we really appreciate your custom. Enjoy!!!!!!

  2. Josh M

    This delay is great, it’s got a really nice warm tone that seems hard to come by these days. The response is amazing and sounds natural which for me is a really important thing when playing. The tone needs to feel authentic and Nirvana definitely gets that job done.

    • Paul Flattley

      Hi Josh, thanks for the kind words and this is a really warm toned delay. many thanks and best regards Team Flattley

  3. Andy Hillier

    Great sounding analogue delay pedal. I love it

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