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The Ace (Tone Boost)

(2 customer reviews)


“The Ace” is a clean boost/buffer with the twist of having the Flattley “Solaris Pro” tone stack allowing it to be used as a clean boost (tone at middle), a treble boost (tone clockwise) or bass boost (tone anti-clockwise) and all stops in between.
It can be used at the front end of a signal chain to push distortion pedals harder and also pre emphasise the frequencies to be distorted.
Placed in mid signal chain, it can help pedals that are a bit dull and quiet, such as vintage pedals by locally boosting gain and tone which in turn brings them to life.
Put last in the signal chain, the pedal can increase the volume of a chain of pedals, enhancing the tone by increasing the presence of a lead tone by lifting the whole sound whilst soloing.
At the mid tone setting, the pedal does give a slight lift in tone that will make most single coil guitar owners smile, push it really hard with another pedal and it will give a soft clip in a pleasant way. It will also help a passive bass guitar sound beefier, give great late night jazz tones on humbucker guitars with the tone fully anticlockwise, nice funky single coil sounds with the tone setting just past middle.
The blue halo light ring installed diffuses the light when playing live, avoiding being blinded by the standard LEDs just as you are about to go into that all important solo thus giving a larger area to see where the pedal is located easily on the pedal board on darkened stages. The addition of the large aluminium foot topper gives you more real estate for contact when switching the pedal on and off during quick changes when playing live.

All Flattley “Silver Range” pedals are hand processed in our Flattley paint shop. They are etch primed first to ensure that the primer bonds to the aluminium enclosure which also provides an anti-corrosive protection layer. Multiple coats of base coat primer applied, the silver base coat colour is then applied and topped off with several coats of lacquer. Once the lacquer is hardened, it is then hand polished to achieve the smooth deep lustre finish that is inherent in all Flattley Guitar and Bass effects pedals. The graphics designed in house by our graphics designer Phoebe Flattley are applied to “Silver Range” effects pedals by UV direct printing in our printing shop.


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Aditional Information

Volume: Controls the output of the pedal from zero (use as a kill switch), unity gain is around midway and max gives quite a lift to the output. It’s second function is to act as a gain recovery stage for the tone control.

Tone: Midway the tone control is effectively flat and the setting you would use for a straight lift in volume. Either side of midway there is a sweet spot allowing tone to be a little dark (anticlockwise) or have a bit more sparkle (clockwise). Tone fully anticlockwise, the pedal works as a bass boost, fully clockwise it becomes a treble boost with the volume control being used as a gain compensation control as bass boost requires a reduction in overall gain and treble boost usually requires an increase in overall gain.

  • The Ace comes in a 125B Enclosure (LxWxD): 119x64x40mm (including lid) (69 x 2.52 x 1.57 inch)
  • Standard negative centre, -9v dc tip power supply unit/power brick required
  • No internal 9v dc battery function 
  • 20mm anodised aluminium control knobs
  • Blue halo light ring installed
  • The Ace comes with a black custom etched aluminium foot topper 
  • This edition comes in silver and black graphics. 

All our pedals are handmade, hand wired, boutique custom guitar and bass pedal effects manufactured in the UK using only the highest quality components ensuring every aspect of our pedal’s build process results in a truly outstanding product.

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2 reviews for The Ace (Tone Boost)

  1. scottweisband

    This Pedal is the Ace in the hole for guitar players of all types , a necessity as a guitarist tool kit .
    Need a clean boost for solo’s you got it !
    Have you ever changed guitars mid show and realized that the tone is lacking slightly EQ wise or volume wise , well here’s your answer.
    Get as phat or ice pick as you want with a wave of the magic wand.
    I was blessed to get an advanced prototype and just used it on my European tour , I love it and know you will too .
    This pedal will is a secret weapon , so awesome
    A must have.
    Scott Weis

  2. dalbessard

    My first Flattley. I ordered it because I needed a boost, and a boost that allowed me to boost bass, midrange and treble. There are few, if any, pedals that do this. I knew Paul’s pedals were great so I ordered him an Ace. What a slap in the face! It’s not a boost, it’s better. A pedal that transforms your sound. Ultra versatile. An absolute gem.

    • Paul Flattley

      Hi Damien, thank you for the kind words and great that The Ace does what it needs to do for you. Its a versatile pedal and adds amazing tone as well as clean boost to your rig. Hope The Ace gives you great service for a long time to come. Many thanks, regards Paul

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