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Centurion (Transparent Overdrive)

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The “Centurion” pedal is Flattley Guitar Pedals version of a very famous type of transparent overdrive pedal. This pedal is perfect to use on its own to get mild gain sounds that just starts to break up or go full tilt to get a full-on overdrive sound when your amp is set on the clean channel. Alternatively, you can use this pedal to boost an over-driven tube amp or overdrive, distortion, fuzz and muff pedals that will give an amazing sound, clarity and tone. This pedal also cleans up when you turn down the guitar volume without losing the overall volume levels so it is a very versatile pedal that can be used for many different types of applications.

Centurion hints and tips:

The Centurion is a transparent overdrive in the same way that a Klon Centaur is. Transparent means that it doesn’t drastically change the colour of your tone so when you turn the pedal on, it won’t sound like a different guitar tone. It will sound like the same tone, but better. My Strat is just “more Strat”… etc.

This is achieved by separating the frequency spectrum up into several bands and treating each differently. Bass frequencies are passed through untouched giving a full bottom end, treble frequencies also pass through but can be boosted by the tone control, mid frequencies go through a soft clipping circuit to give them an amplitude dependent boost to the harmonics. The gain control controls gain and volume simultaneously to vary the sensitivity and width of the mid band of frequencies.

The pedal also acts as a buffer when in standby which is an advantage if you use it as the first pedal in a chain of effects. This gives you two ways to use the Centurion…

It can be used as a clean boost for your amplifier. A booster adds some extra girth to your signal to push your amp a little harder. Set up a clean tone on your amp and experiment with the pedal. Start off with a low drive level, then gradually build the pedal gain up as you play. You’ll learn how the pedal changes as you add in more gain. If you have a tube amp, you’ll be able to hear how the pedal also begins to push your amp at a certain stage.

You can also set your amp to the point where it’s on the verge of breaking up, then use the pedal to push the amp into overdrive. This is another common way of using a transparent overdrive pedal.

Another way to use a Centurion is to stack it with other drive pedals. You can use a pedal (or your amp) to produce your main drive tone, then you can add in the Centurion when you want your tone to have a bit more sparkle or boost.

The purple halo light ring installed diffuses the light when playing live, avoiding being blinded by the standard LEDs just as you are about to go into that all important solo thus giving a larger area to see where the pedal is located easily on the pedal board on darkened stages. The addition of the aluminium foot topper gives you more real estate for contact when switching the pedal on and off during quick changes when playing live.

All Flattley “Platinum Range” pedals are hand processed in our Flattley paint shop. The bare aluminium enclosure is abraded prior to painting with the etch primer. The etch primer acts as a anti corrosive layer and allows the primer to bond to the enclosure ensuring a tough resilient paint finish.

Multiple coats of base coat primer are applied which are then lightly abraded to remove any blemishes or paint speckles prior to the application of the base colour. We apply several coats of base colour until an even coverage occurs and the base colour develops rich smooth depth. Metallic holographic chrome flake is then applied using a clear inter coat which adds that all important Flattley sparkle.

The pedal enclosure is now ready to be hydro dipped in its Flattley graphics. This is the process whereby the graphics are applied using water activated film, the residual PVA film is then washed off and the enclosure is then allowed to dry naturally.

Once dried the lacquer process begins. Each “Flattley Platinum” pedal has a minimum of three coats of lacquer which are all wet sanded between coats. Once the lacquer has hardened, it is then hand polished using three different grades of polishing compounds and it then has a final polish to achieve a high gloss finish using a wool finishing pad. This process gives the smooth deep lustre finish that is inherent in all Flattley Guitar and Bass effects pedals.

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Aditional Information

Volume: Controls the overall output level.

Gain: Controls the amount of gain/overdrive

Treble: Controls the amount of treble/bass

·        The Centurion comes in a 1590BB Enclosure (LxWxD): 119 x 94 x 30 mm (67 x 3.68 x 1.18 inch)

·        Standard negative centre,-9v dc tip power supply unit/power brick required

·        No internal 9v dc battery function 

·        20mm anodised aluminium custom etched control knobs

·        Purple halo light ring installed

·        The Centurion comes with a purple custom etched aluminium foot topper 

·        This edition comes in black, holographic chrome metal flake and silver paisley skulls hydro graphics. 

All our pedals are handmade, hand wired, boutique custom guitar and bass pedal effects manufactured in the UK using only the highest quality components ensuring every aspect of our pedal’s build process results in a truly outstanding product.

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5 reviews for Centurion (Transparent Overdrive)

  1. Steve ‘SKAM’ Hill

    I’ve been on the hunt for the right Overdrive for years and I’ve finally found it. This pedal absolutely sings! On clean it takes my Marshall into that succulent zone where the notes sing and the the speaker starting to break. It adds groove then on the dirty channel all hell breaks loose. Never before have I been so impressed, The tone and sustain is to die for.
    I have to say the customer service and quality is second to none as well.
    Get one, you won’t be dissapointed!

    • Paul Flattley

      Thanks for your kind words Steve and its very much appreciated. I hope that your customised Centurion gives you great service for many years. Best Regards Team Flattley

  2. Josh M

    One of the first pedals I had to pleasure of trying out from Flattley. It’s a great transparent overdrive that gets you well within those K type tones. I like to run mine pretty clean using it as an “always on” pedal and then stack it with a Revolution Overdrive for some really thick drive tones, it sounds massive. Definitely worth checking out. Works equally well on its own with the gain cranked a little to get some really crisp and precise drive tones. Real workhorse.

    • Paul Flattley

      Thanks for the kind words Josh and glad you love the Centurion. Regards Team Flattley

  3. Oz Marshall

    Ive been looking for an overdrive pedal for a long time. I tried many manufacturers to find nothing to my taste. Enter Flattley pedals,i was looking for something to give me a bit of extra grit on my Fender and Marshall amplifiers. As soon as i tried the Centurion it was magic, all the tone and grit i needed plus i could use for a lil boost for lead on a high gain setting. It sounds like a Klon, sounds amazing through my Marshall 1987x killer sound. The graphics are fantastic to. Paul is a genius when it comes to pedals, im so happy to be part of the family. I own a Flattley fuzz and the Boss pedal. His pedals are works of art, plus they are as good as anything on the market or better. Top notch kit.

    • Paul Flattley

      Thanks for the very kind words Oz and we are delighted that you are delighted with your custom Centurion pedal. Yeh it just adds that little bit of magic to the mix. Regards Team Flattley

  4. Lee

    This is a World Class overdrive, created and developed by one of the UK’s brightest, coolest manufacturers. Whenever i’ve used it at Guitar Shows, people always say “that OD sounds amazing! What is it?”

    Highly recommended!

    • Paul Flattley

      Hi Lee, thanks for the awesome comments which we really appreciate. Glad you’re using it as its designed for, playing live!!!!. Best regards Team Flattley

  5. Luke Hall

    The Centurion is a great transparent overdrive, I’m really happy with it. The pedal itself looks incredible and it sounds even better.

    I use mine as an always-on, very light drive to add a little edge to my clean tone and just a little bit of grit when you dig into the strings a bit more. It’s very responsive to pick attack, so it’s perfect for this. That said it sounds great with the drive set higher to dirty things up and I have the volume low because it has a lot of available range to work with, either as a clean boost or to push your amp or other pedals that little bit harder to achieve more dirt. The tone control is versatile. I’m running the Centurion into another overdrive pedal for a higher-gain tone and it was simple to find the sweet spot using the tone/EQ pots between both gain stages.

    The pedal artwork and subtle glitter finish are done really well. I appreciate having top-mounted jacks for all the connections and the pedal topper and halo light instead of a regular LED are nice touches. I emailed back and forth a little with Paul before making the purchase and he was extremely helpful. I can’t recommend Flattley guitar pedals enough! 💀🤘🏻

    • Paul Flattley

      Hi Luke, we are really happy that you like your new Centurion pedal and hope it gives you many years of enjoyment. Thank you for the kind words and for your custom which is much appreciated. Regards Paul

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