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Star Fazer (Phaser)

(3 customer reviews)


The “Star Fazer” is a 4 phase stage guitar phaser with a quartet of matched transistors. The two control knobs allow you to dial in depth and rate giving you a clean, smooth super phasing effects.

The purple halo light ring installed diffuses the light when playing live, avoiding being blinded by the standard LEDs just as you are about to go into that all important solo thus giving a larger area to see where the pedal is located easily on the pedal board on darkened stages. The addition of the large aluminium foot topper gives you more real estate for contact when switching the pedal on and off during quick changes when playing live.

All Flattley “Silver Range” pedals are hand processed in our Flattley paint shop. They are etch primed first to ensure that the primer bonds to the aluminium enclosure which also provides an anti-corrosive protection layer. Multiple coats of base coat primer applied, the silver base coat colour is then applied and topped off with several coats of lacquer. Once the lacquer is hardened, it is then hand polished to achieve the smooth deep lustre finish that is inherent in all Flattley Guitar and Bass effects pedals. The graphics designed in house by our graphics designer Phoebe Flattley are applied to “Silver Range” effects pedals by UV direct printing in our printing shop.

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Aditional Information

Depth: Controls the intensity of the phasing effect.

Rate: Controls the intensity of the speed

The Star Fazer comes in a 125B Enclosure (LxWxD):
119x64x40mm (including lid) (4.69 x 2.52 x 1.57 inch)

Standard negative centre, -9v dc tip power supply
unit/power brick required

No internal 9v dc battery function 

20mm anodised aluminium control knobs

Purple halo light ring installed

The Star Fazer comes with a black custom etched aluminium
foot topper 

This edition comes in silver and black graphics. 

All our pedals are handmade, hand wired, boutique custom guitar and bass
pedal effects manufactured in the UK using only the highest quality components ensuring
every aspect of our pedal’s build process results in a truly outstanding

Further details can be found on all our social media sites on
Instagram/Facebook/LinkedIn/YouTube. Come and follow us/subscribe to see what
we do.

3 reviews for Star Fazer (Phaser)

  1. Neil

    I’m not a Phaser guy and that why I picked this pedal up, out of my comfort zone but because I a “Made in the UK” pedal board.
    Superb build quality and looks great on any board. As I’ve said phasers are new to me, but this scratches that itch and sounds like everything I need or want for such a pedal.
    I’ll be back for more that’s for sure.

    • Paul Flattley

      Hi Neil, thanks for the kind words and we are delighted that you love your Star Fazer pedal. Thank you for your custom which is much appreciated. Many thanks and best regards Paul Flattley

  2. Jonathan

    Phasers are my favorite modulation effects, and I’ve owned quite a few over the years. I’ve narrowed what I love down to two styles of pedals: phase 90 and Small Stone style phasers. The Star Fazer, for me, does what I love out of the former. It adds an extra control, which really helps hone in on the specific modulation needed for certain scenarios. It looks fantastic, and the halo ring around the footswitch is a simple yet well thought out addition. This is my first experience with Flattley, and sure not to be the last. I highly recommend it.

    • Paul Flattley

      Hi Jonathan, thank you for the kind words on the silver range Star Fazer. We are very happy that you are enjoying this pedal and sure it will give you many years of great service. Many thanks and best regards, Paul Flattley

  3. David Tullo

    I have been using this pedal for several months now and the sound and build quality are heads above other units. I’ve played an mxr phase 90 for 30 years and the star fazer is way better in my opinion.

    • Paul Flattley

      Hi David, thanks for the kind words and we are delighted that the Star Fazer is exactly what you need. Hope it continues to give you great service for many years to come. Many thanks and best regards, Paul

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