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Michelle Taylor

Michelle Taylor has been a pro session player and artist for over 30 years, having worked together with various artists on international tours. Michelle has an award winning show in which she has received a number of accolades including being inducted into the Swedish “Nostalgia Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame” in 2013. Together with […]

Yue Miyagi

Yue is an international artist based in London originating from Japan. In 2013  “Godin Player’s Competition Special Award “ and was also featured in a Compilation Album produced by “Anchorage Records”(Scotland) in 2015. In 2016 she became an official endorser for “Epiphone”. In 2018 Yue became an official endorser of  UK handmade custom guitar builder […]

Oz Marshall

Oz Marshall has his own band Snake eyes, he’s the songwriter and guitar player, playing all guitars bass, and keyboards on the albums. Oz has recorded 3 snake eyes CD’s, plus his own solo album Dark Mist, which features a music video filmed in Russia, has toured all over Canada, the UK and Europe with […]

Mark Williams

Mark Williams (Ragged Union) Bristol-born Mark started his bass playing career some 35 years ago. Self-taught by playing along to recordings of his favourite artists (as was then the norm!) until he had gained the confidence to join his first local bands. He eventually gained a reputation for being one of the ‘go-to’ players for […]

Kevin Hide

A late starter, Kevin did not pick up the bass guitar until he turned 18 years old.  Barring two acoustic guitar lessons in primary school, which he did not continue as, in his words, “the thin strings hurt my fingers”, the bass has always been the only instrument he really wanted to play.  He taught […]